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What Is the Capstone Assignment?

If you look at examples of capstone papers from different subjects and different levels of education you will see that there is a huge variation in how they are structured and written. Capstone assignment writing, however, will have a few things in common also. They will all be investigations into real life issues that are relevant to the future professional career that the writers are pursuing.

Capstones are generally used within professional fields such as nursing, management and social sciences where it is important that the student be able to demonstrate an ability to apply what they have learned. You will select an issue that you have observed and research or even experiment with ways of solving that issue. A good capstone gives you the opportunity to show your problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities and of course your communication skills through your writing.

The paper, however, will form a major part of your results, often it is the sole method through which your final grades will be awarded so it is vital that you do well. Our capstone project sample papers show you the standards that are expected of you and can help to guide you with your writing.

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What Should Your Capstone Cover?

It can be hard to understand precisely what is expected of you if you only look at a capstone paper sample. These capstone examples do vary considerably depending on a lot of factors such as the point the student is within their education and of course their subject area. What they should all be however is:

  • Original: your project must be a unique piece of work by you and must tackle a problem using your own personal methods. It is to demonstrate your creativity and originality and should never be a copy or repeat of what someone has already done.
  • Independent work: your work should always be something that you have undertaken on your own. While you have a mentor this should be all your own work.
  • Of an appropriate scope: you need to find a topic that is important within your particular subject area to research. It must also be something that will allow you to demonstrate your skills and what you have learned.
  • A clear and reasoned methodology: your project must demonstrate that you have used the right methods to collect your data and information and have used evidence to support your conclusions.
  • A stretch: you do not want to select a project that has obvious solutions or that will be seek as easy as this will affect the grades that you will receive at the end.

How to Select an Excellent Topic for Your Capstone

Whether you are looking for unique senior project ideas high school or topics for a capstone project nursing there are some common ways that you can use to find ideas for your research project. It is very important that you take the time to select the right topic before you get down to your project proposal writing. The following areas are where you can look for your capstone ideas:

  • Look at a list: often you will be able to find lists of suggested projects through your tutor, faculty, library, or even online. While these lists may not always have precisely the project you want they may trigger ideas that may be right for you.
  • Look at senior capstone project examples and other past papers: often these will highlight issues of their own that may be worthy of your own investigation.
  • Look back at all of your work: reviewing your past essays and papers may also provide you with good ideas for potential projects.
  • Look back at your past work experience: often there will be issues that you have encountered that will make for excellent projects.
  • Conduct research in areas that specifically interest you: by reading through information in those areas you may identify potential topics that are of interest to you.
  • Brainstorm ideas with others: brainstorming with others will allow you to feed off other people’s ideas to develop topics that you may never have discovered on your own.

How Does a Capstone Differ from a Thesis?

Many students wonder about the differences between writing a capstone and a thesis and why they should be doing one rather than the other. In general, the following are the differences between the two approaches:

A Thesis: A Capstone
This is more of an academic paper that focuses on theory and the application of the scientific method. With your writing and research, you will typically be looking to prove or disprove a thesis. Papers can be of 100 or even more pages in length and you could take years to conduct your research and writing. This is a paper that seeks to solve a narrowly defined problem within your subject area. This can be a highly specific problem that may be confined to a specific company or situation. You will seek to find methods to solve this specific problem using what you have learned. A typical capstone will be around 25 pages in length and will take one or two semesters to complete.

Basic Requirements to Be Considered When Writing Your Capstone

The following are areas that you must always take great care with when writing your capstone and conducting your research:

  • Select the right capstone project ideas: they must meet the criteria for your program as well as being of interest to you.
  • Get your capstone paper format right: ensure that you fully understand what is expected of you for your writing, Do not simply use a capstone essay example to form a template if you are not sure if it is correct for your program.
  • Make a capstone paper outline: you can use our capstone paper outline example to guide you as this will help to ensure that you cover everything and reduce rewriting at later stages.
  • Use reliable sources of information: use the library and scholarly search engines to ensure that you select trustworthy and relevant sources for your paper.
  • Check your paper with care: your writing a final year project is not complete until you have revised and proofread your capstone to ensure there are no issues.

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