What Is Your Style of Capstone Proposal Writing?

What is your style in accounting, IT or marketing capstone project writing? Check out this post and learn about the MBTI writing style that you may want to use in your paper. Also, consider the learning types highlighted in this post.

Facts for people with different learning styles:

  • Learning styles are the way a learner receives, interacts and absorbs information.
  • There are over 70 to 80 different learning types.
mbti writing style
mbti writing style

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Why Consider Learning Types?

  • To understand how each people differ from each other
  • To provide different tools for different styles
  • To strengthen and develop each one’s weak modes of learning
  • To help us strengthen our weak modes of teaching
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Statistics in different learning styles:

  • Visual: 42%
  • Aural or auditory: 6%
  • Read or write: 44%
  • Kinesthetic: 8%

Learning styles of different psychological typologies:

Each people have different ways on how to react with information. The differences may vary in one’s personality typologies. There are also different ways on process learning like comprehending, memorizing, and recollecting information.
A person can understand and learn very well when one is line with his or her learning styles.

  1. The preference of general attitude – extraverted (E) vs. introverted (I)
    It reflects about a person’s interest and areas his motivations lie. An introvert is driven by his own inner world while an extravert is motivated by the world outside himself.
  2. People with the intuition (I)
    They think in broader categories and Sensing (S) an individual because they think more in a concrete and direct way.
  3. People with the Feeling (F)
    These are the ones who tend to judge and react based on how they feel, based on their emotions, and people with thinking (T) tend to believe based on a reason and logic.
  4. People with judging (J) tend to view and understand things in a more structured way while a person with perceiving (P) might make a trial and error method in comprehending.

MBTI Writing Styles:

ISTJ – this is the type where they often look for right formulas. They can write so well in their heads. They are efficient writers.

ISTP – starting the writing process until ending it, they should be isolated. They need the pressure of a deadline.

ESTP – Writing can be a challenge for them and they often leave things to the last minute.

These are just a few because there are still a lot more and writing styles differ from each MBTI type. Learn more about MBTI writing style.

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