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What Is Your Capstone Paper?

Whether you are writing a Capella capstone project or busy with a final project paper writing for any other university or college it must be done to the best of your ability. The capstone is a culminating paper that will be written at the end of your capstone program. It requires you to use all of what you have learned to solve a specific problem in your subject area.

Capstone courses will typically base your final results on this paper. If you fail your paper then you will not graduate the course it is as simple as that. So your graduation project must be perfect if you are to get those results that you are looking for. Something that many students struggle with.

Your capstone paper will require you to demonstrate excellent research skills and ability to apply critical thinking and problem solving to resolve the issue that you have identified. Your paper must be perfectly formatted and structured and able to communicate your research and findings in a highly concise and accurate manner.

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Narrowing Your Capstone Project Ideas

A capstone research project will seek to solve an issue within your subject area. It must be precise and something that you are able to complete with a high chance of success with the time and resources that you have available to you. Often students will select a topic area that is simply too broad to focus their work down into something that is manageable. For instance, an MBA student may choose “improving business efficiency” as their idea. This is far too broad an idea for their capstone research project and will not focus their research sufficiently to achieve good results.

To narrow this idea down and to focus in on something that is going to be manageable for your project you may need to break this down into manageable chunks that you can work on. The more specific you are the more likely that you will come up with something that you will be able to complete in your time available. So your efficiency graduation project ideas could become “Increasing up time on an automatic canning line in the fruit industry”, or “reducing setup times for a printing press”.

What Is Your Capstone Proposal?

Before you get anywhere near your final project paper writing you will first have to get your research project approved. Your supervisor will want to ensure that you have a project that is achievable and of the required standard for you to graduate. This requires you to be writing a good project proposal to sell what you will do for your capstone.

Using a capstone proposal template provided by your supervisor will ensure that you cover all of the different areas that are expected from you. Typically however you will need to show that you have done your research into the area of your topic and have clearly defined the problem and its importance. You also need to show clearly how you will undertake your research and that you have all of the resources and skills to get the work done with a high probability of success.

What Are Different Parts of Your Capstone Paper?

Each different program that you could follow will have very specific requirements as to how your capstone reflection essay paper must be structured and formatted. These requirements must always be followed to the letter if your paper is to be accepted. While the actual structure of your capstone reflection essay will often vary they will usually always include sections such as these:

  • Introduction: This should provide the reader with an insight to the background to your project. It should set the scene so that the reader will understand what you are talking about. It should outline the topic area and briefly describe the problem that you are setting out to solve and why.
  • Problem definition: while your intro should introduce the problem this section should provide the reader with a full understanding of all aspects of the problem. This should be a detailed explanation of the problem that you are setting out to resolve.
  • Literature review: this should provide the reader with an academic understanding of the subject area and the problems that you are facing. In most cases, you will be required to provide a set number of sources to backup the information that you provide.
  • Methodology: this is how you have conducted your research. You should always include sufficient enough detail for someone to replicate the work that you have done as well as justifying your methods over others that you may have selected.
  • References: your capstone annotated bibliography should give credit to all of the sources that you have cited within the paper that you have written. It must be written in a very precise academic style from start to finish.

How Should You Write Your Capstone for Different Universities and Colleges?

As already mentioned different institutions and programs will have their own specific requirements for your writing. These should always be followed with care if you are to ensure that you will graduate with the results that you want. The following are some of the many capstone program courses that you could be following:

Capella Capstone Project

The Capella University capstone project or Integrated Action Learning Project is applied across all disciplines. You will be required to provide a Capella University bachelors capstone project and also at Masters level. They do not, however, use the capstone project Capella university for PhD and PsyD programs within the institution.

Whether you are writing a psychology capstone project Capella or a Capella IT capstone project you must always turn to the specific departments involved for guidance. A Capella University MBA capstone project has very different requirements than those within other departments. Your tutors, however, will always help you to ensure that you will follow those expectations perfectly.

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University of Phoenix Capstone Project

You can follow a University of Phoenix capstone course in a wide range of different subject areas. Unlike some of the other programs out there a capstone project University of Phoenix will confer a number of course credits for your overall completion. Each program is much shorter than what will be expected of you in many other colleges. A University of Phoenix hospitality project is a 5-week course and must be completed successfully. A University of Phoenix healthcare capstone project can be between 5 to 6 weeks depending on the specific programs that you select.

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WGU Capstone Project

Western Governors University offers a wide range of courses which require a capstone project to complete. Their WGU MBA capstone must be completed with a 50% score for you to be able to pass and is just one part of the whole program that you must complete. You will be required to run your WGU MBA IT management project as part of a team usually rather than as an independent piece of research. Programs are completed at your own pace and there is no defined word or page count for your WGU business management capstone. The team approach can either be a bonus if you enjoy working with others or a real drag if you are trying to complete your WGU MSN capstone in a hurry.

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Walden University Capstone Project

Masters students at Walden will be expected to complete a capstone project as part of their course. This is applicable in areas such as their MBA, education and also health sciences. They offer a huge amount of support for your Capstone project Walden University and their website provides in-depth information for each and every section of the paper that is expected of you.

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University of South Carolina Capstone

The University of South Carolina Capstone Scholars program is a two years program that is only offered to the most exceptional students. It offers far more than just a program of education but also leadership opportunities that you will not gain in other programs. You will also get to go on many excursions and other events during your program.

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Strayer University Capstone

The capstone course Strayer University is usually taken as a module within the specific subject area in which you are working. Whether you are taking a bachelors or a Strayer University masters capstone it is usually stipulated that it must be the last module or next to the last module that you must take. Each different module has a specific grade that you must reach for a pass to be achieved. This is usually either a B or a C for the capstone modules.

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Howard University Capstone Scholarship

If you want to escape to Capstone Howard University then their scholarship program may be something that you want to consider for your capstone. They offer it to freshmen that have been accepted into Howard. To be eligible you must fully meet their requirements which means that you must have scored at least 1300 on the SAT and have a 3.25 GPA.

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University of Alabama Capstone

The University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing offers a wide range of different programs of education that are suitable for students at all stages in their education. The Capstone school offers programs that will culminate in a capstone paper as do many of the other colleges.

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Portland State University Capstone

The Portland State University Senior Capstone has been running for more than 20 years. It seeks to remove students from all subjects from the classroom and out into the field to tackle community based problems. Students work as teams rather than alone on cooperative projects to bring benefits to the community around them.

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Senior Capstone Miami University

The Miami University Capstone is a 96 hour program that covers many different disciplines and methods. Usually, it is taken in the senior year and you will follow the experiential program that is suggested or will be able to propose your own program should you wish to.

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Aspen University Capstone Project

The aspen capstone must be taken as your final course within your program. As with all of the other course modules the capstone will be 8 weeks in length and you will be required to make weekly submissions throughout the course. There is no set page length for the paper that you will write as they expect that it will vary significantly depending on your subject and the problem that you select.

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Capstone Barry University

Many of the programs that you can follow at Barry University will end in a capstone or synthesis project that must be completed to graduate. Each different department and college within the university has very specific requirements for the paper that must be written with each having its own course code.

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Capstone Boston

The Capstone project at Boston University is often a paper written around a question or problem that is posed for you. Unlike other programs where you are provided freedom to choose your own problems, the university will dictate the issues that should be solved through your research and paper.

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