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BSN Capstone Project Examples & Ideas for Inspiration

A BSN capstone project, just like an accounting capstone paper is a practical essay that you need to turn in after your four-year nursing course. It is completed to help you demonstrate that you are able to apply the concepts you have learned during the course.

Its purpose is to prove that you are ready to step into the professional world. Since you have to apply the concepts and terminology you have learned, you will have to conduct small research where you investigate a topic of your choice. Proving, as well, that you also have good research and writing skills, as well as a strong critical thinking skill. 

Even if each capstone project is different, many students face the same common problems when writing their BSN capstone project:

  • For example, a lot of them struggle to come up with interesting and relevant BSN capstone project ideas. After all, the idea that you pick will be the one that you will have to develop. Thus, it is really important that you choose a relevant one.
  • Another problem is not having time to write it after they have conducted research. Many students spend a lot of time researching and leave little time to write and edit their projects.
  • Revising it before submitting is another challenge you may experience. Sometimes it is hard to catch our own typos so you can ask a friend to read your project.

Even if you consider that you have strong writing skills, asking for professional help can benefit you. A professionally-written capstone project BSN can ensure that you submit a winning project. A professional writer will link coherently all the information you have gathered while following your requirements. A capstone project that is written by a professional writer will be interesting, relevant and free of plagiarism.

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Considerations When Selecting BSN Capstone Project Ideas

There’s a whole other world to it than that: the understudy will have shown their consciousness of the significance of the field of nursing inside current medicinal services, and also their capacity to disclose that critical to other people. Through the consummation of their capstone, a nursing understudy is required to show their capacity to make proof based examinations for basic circumstances in a social insurance condition. In this manner, they show their capacity to perform regulatory and instructive capacities, checking them as a contender for helping future attendants in either limit.

At last, they will have demonstrated their capacity to scatter information of key issues confronting the human services industry today, inside a scholarly domain. This makes the capstone a gigantic open door for advancing professional development, in various distinctive bearings. The students confronted with plenty of issues while composing the capstone papers. They even face difficulties before starting to work on it. Many nursing capstone project ideas BSN can leave you confused from beginning to the ending process. Have a look at the challenges:

  • It takes a lot of time to study what is to add and what not. Secondly, the selection of the format is time-taking as well.
  • The use of appropriate words is also a difficult task. You simply have to pay attention to the successfully written capstone papers.
  • Finding the most relevant capstone nursing ideas is also an issue for the students.

Our professional writers give you a piece of additional expert advice. Look for well-written BSN capstone project examples that you can use as a guide to writing your own capstone project. However, do not copy the information that is written there, only use them to see the type of language you need to use, and how you will have to structure your information.

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For many nursing students selecting a topic for their capstone project is a difficult decision and one they may spend months agonizing over. The BSN capstone project is an important part of the nursing program and the selection of your project topic should be deliberated carefully. Some of the things to consider when deciding on BSN capstone project ideas include:

bsn capstone project examples What are the topic requirements of the program you are in? Check and see what requirements the topic must meet so you don’t select the perfect project topic, only to find it doesn’t meet the program’s requirements.
capstone project writing help What areas interest you? A capstone project on a topic you have little interest in will make a difficult task that much more difficult. Focus on topic ideas within the areas that interest you the most?
bsn capstone project example However, before you can decide if your idea for the BSN capstone project is suitable, you have to have some ideas.

Where to Get BSN Capstone Project Ideas

It can be hard to find a good idea for your capstone project, but not impossible. Read journals and see if the articles that interest you the most generate any nursing capstone project ideas BSN. Review BSN capstone examples and others have done. It may be that you can build on something that somebody else has worked on. The following are some BSN capstone project topics that may inspire you:

  1. Safe Prescribing of Pain Medication for Patients in Recovery from Substance Use Disorders
  2. Breastfeeding Promotion & Support in the Primary Care Setting
  3. Delivery of Culturally Appropriate Diabetes Prevention Programs
  4. Implementation of Bedside Shift Report
  5. Promoting Breastfeeding Friendly Practices in the Clinic Setting
  6. Current Practices in School Health Data Collection
  7. Engaging the Community for Policy Development
  8. Self-Management Program for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  9. Improving Appropriate Indications, Insertion, and Management of Foley Catheter (I-AIIM)
  10. Use of Nurse Case Managers in Diabetic Care
  11. Clinical Utility Checklist For Patients
  12. Bridging Gap Of Students Up To Registered Nurse
  13. Bedside Shift Report Implementation
  14. Performing The Safety Of Congestive Heart Failure Patients
  15. Dosage Calculations Dimensional Analysis
  16. Diabetes Managements About Care And Asthma In Africa
  17. Improvements On Pain Management
  18. Prevention Of Lyme Disease
  19. Prevention And Management Of Diabetes
  20. Advocacy On Public Health In Improving Access In Rural Areas
  21. Pharmacological Methods And Dementia Pain Management
  22. Prevention And Treatment Of Obesity To Youth
  23. HPV Awareness And Vaccination For Patients
  24. Avoiding Readmissions Of Stroke Patients
  25. Improving Infant Health Through Supporting Breastfeeding
  26. Nursing Roles Review
  27. Nursing Professionals Training And Development
  28. Coping With ADHD Patients
  29. Monitoring Patients With Sleep Apnea
  30. Visitation Models Review
  31. Reducing Incidents Of STD Through Health Interventions
  32. Use Of The Probiotics To Prevent Diarrhea
  33. Patient Centered Strategic Planning
  34. Dementia Patients Dysfunctional Behavior
  35. Survival Tool Development For Neurosurgery Practitioners
  36. Emergency Planning System
  37. Palliative Care Patient And The Emergency Department
  38. Adherence To ADHD
  39. Transition Checklist For Sickle Cell Disease
  40. Medication Reconciliation Discrepancy Development For Inpatient Setting
  41. Nutrition Facts Life Cycle
  42. Public Health Awareness On Nutrition
  43. Food Preparation Goals
  44. Food And Nutrition Global Aspects
  45. Improving Homecare App For Old And Young
  46. How Nutritional Problems Affect Family
  47. Changing Food Habits Techniques
  48. Modifications Of Normal Diet
  49. The Patient And Her Meals
  50. The Best Medicines For Patient Health Based On Disease


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