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Basic Structure of the Senior Capstone Project Paper

senior capstone projectThe senior capstone project provides a student with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have obtained in their field of study. The completed project demonstrates both the depth of knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge. Senior capstone project ideas for topics are usually left up to the student but should be related to their field. Regardless of the field of study or the project topic, the senior capstone project papers will usually always have the same basic five part structure:

  • Introduction – Includes background, issue involved, reasons for choosing the project as a solution, and questions/concerns the project will address.
  • Literature review – Review of literature in the field that is relevant to the project. The length of this section will vary greatly depending on the field and topic.
  • Methodology – This is essentially step by step instructions on how you conducted your project. Tests run, experiments conducted, equipment used, models built, or whatever is required for your particular project.
  • Results – Reports the results of the project
  • Analysis and suggestions for further study – Includes a summary of findings and a discussion of the conclusions drawn from your project. An analysis of the data and its significance should also be included.

Common Problems Writing the Senior Capstone Project Paper

Two of the most common problems students run into writing their capstone paper have to to with format and style. Typically a particular format is required, usually APA or MLA. Students should familiarize themselves with the particular format required as it will covers everything from how you cite references to font size and type and even where to place page numbers. Where writing style is concerned keep in mind these three principles:

  • Make it clear. The reader should be able to understand exactly what you are writing about. If the reader is having problems understanding it could be due to grammatical errors so proofread.
  • Keep it simple. Using long and complicated sentences with big words can confuse a reader if they are trying to follow something new to them.
  • Be brief. In keeping with keep it simple, shorter words, short sentences and short paragraphs are easier to understand.

Looking at some successful senior capstone project examples can give you some idea about format and style. The following is an example for a computer science senior capstone project introduction:

Improving Intruder Detection Through Abnormal Internet Sequence


This paper reports the design principles and evaluation results of a hybrid invasion detection system (HIDS). This system combines the low false-positive rate of signature-based invasion detection system (IDS) with the ability of anomaly detection system (ADS) to detect new unidentified attacks. By mining anomalous traffic sequences from Internet connections, an ADS was built that detects anomalies beyond the capabilities of signature-based SNORT or Bro systems. By extracting signatures from anomalies detected, a weighted signature generation scheme is developed to integrate ADS with SNORT

HIDS extracts signatures from ADS output and adds them to the SNORT signature database for fast and accurate invasion detection. Testing the HIDS scheme over real-life Internet trace data mixed with 10 days of attack data set produced experimental results showing a 60 percent detection rate for the HIDS, compared with 30 percent and 22 percent using the SNORT and Bro systems. This increase in detection rate is obtained with less than 3 percent false alarms. The signatures generated by ADS upgrade the SNORT performance by 33 percent. The HIDS approach proves the validity of detecting invasions and anomalies, simultaneously, by automated data mining and signature generation over Internet connection sequences.

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