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Importance of Nursing Capstone Project Papers

nursing capstone projectThe capstone project nursing students are required to complete is intended to demonstrate the student’s knowledge and understanding of a specialty in nursing. Nursing capstones use an evidence-based approach which entails a student putting a theory into practice, and monitoring, documenting and evaluating the results. Students generally select the topic for their project and must present a nursing capstone proposal for project approval before actually starting their project. A nursing capstone project paper is basically the written record of the capstone project. The importance of the nursing capstone paper cannot be overstressed as this is what the entire project will be judged on. A well-conceived and executed project can be ruined by submitting a poorly written paper.

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Writing the Nursing Capstone Project Paper

Although there may be some slight variation from program to program, nursing capstone project papers generally use a basic format which must be adhered to and consists of the following:

  • Executive summary– Brief overview of the project
  • Statement of the topic problem – The issue, its background and why it is important
  • Project description – The purpose, objective and design of the project
  • Evaluation plan – Description of the evidence-based measures for each objective, the instruments used and the method of analysis
  • Results– Detailed description of the results obtained
  • Recommendations – What changes should be made, if any, based on results obtained.

capstone project nursing writing servicesFailure to follow the format is a common problem with many nursing capstone project papers. Use a sample nursing capstone paper as a guide for your own paper.

Other common mistakes in nursing capstone papers include:

  • Poor focus – Remain focused on the points you want to make and don’t get sidetracked.
  • Vague or overly wordy writing – Write in a style that is clear and concise and gets to the point. Unnecessary use of big words won’t gain extra points.
  • Failure to proofread – With all of the effort put into a project, take the extra time to proofread your paper and eliminate spelling and grammatical errors.

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