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Finishing an MBA is an amazing milestone in your academic career. And, after all the hard work you have done in your course, you will want to be sure that you submit a professionally-written MBA capstone project that can reflect the skills and knowledge you have acquired.

If you submit a capstone project written professionally you can be sure you will get the mark you want. A professionally-written capstone project will follow the adequate format for your paper, as well as including relevant sources and appropriate terminology. Thus, it can help you make sure that you are recompensated by all the hard work you have done throughout your MBA.

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What Are the Main Difficulties Writing MBA Capstone Project?

Writing a capstone project for your MBA can pose some challenges:

  • One of the main difficulties that most students face when writing their capstone project is time. If you do not organize yourself and plan in advance, you may en crashing and submitting a rushed capstone project that will not be a reflection or your hard work.
  • Another difficulty you may face is putting all the information you have gathered coherently. You may have spent hours researching and looking for the perfect sources to add to your project, but once you have all those details, you need to synthesize and include only the most relevant facts.
  • Reading MBA capstone project examples can help you get an idea of how you should write your project.

great mba capstone project examples of topics

Requirements for Writing MBA Capstone Project

There are certain requirements you should meet when writing a capstone project for MBA. Even though these may change from one college to another, there are some common ones that every student should meet:

  • One of them is the length of the capstone project. Since it is a project for an MBA course it will be larger than a project for high school. An MBA capstone project should be around 12,000 words and include a minimum of 12 references throughout the paper.
  • You will have to write it using a Times New Roman font and you will have to follow a specific referencing style. Depending on the instructions given by your college, you may have to use the Chicago style, or the APA or MLA styles.

MBA Capstone Project: Dos and Don’ts

When writing your capstone project there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of. Thus, do a search for different capstone project topics for MBA so that you can pick the one that best aligns with your needs. Do revise your project once you finish writing it to make sure there are no typos. Do explain the methodology you have used and the limitations of your research.
But, don’t plagiarize content by copying someone else’s work. Don’t include unnecessary information or repeat the same things many times. Don’t use complex sentences that may prevent the reader from understanding your project. Don’t leave your capstone project to the last minute, you will need plenty of time to write it.

The Importance of the MBA Capstone Project Topic

The capstone project for MBA programs provide an opportunity for students to apply and integrate the knowledge and skills that were gained during the entire MBA program. Not only is it a factor in whether you graduate or not, but can also have a direct bearing on your future career depending on the topic you choose. The MBA capstone project identifies and solves a specific problem, and solving the right problem can make you an asset in the view of many companies. MBA topic selection should be given very serious consideration, based on your individual requirements and goals which will be different for every student.

Factors in Selecting a Topic for Your MBA Capstone Project

There are a vast number of possible capstone project topics for MBA students to select from. Of course, you should select a project that allows you to use the skills you learned in your particular program. Another consideration is the field you intend to work in. A student planning on going into banking is not going to choose a topic similar to the student who plans a career in manufacturing. Also, consider if the necessary data for the topic you are considering is available. The following are some MBA capstone project examples of topics that you may find interesting:

  • Time Inconsistency in the Credit Card Market
  • Political Influences on Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  • The Relationship between Corporate Strategy and Capital Structure
  • Determinants of Capital Structure in the Pharmaceutical Sector
  • The Role of Network Marketing in International Logistic Companies’ Business Development; An Analysis of Manager’s Perceptions
  • Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in Convenience Stores
  • Replenishing Routing Under Vendor Managed Inventory Systems
  • Merge in Transit, A Distribution Method in the Industrial Environment
  • Simulation and Optimization of Production Control for Lean Manufacturing Transition
  • Effect of Transaction Cost and Coordination Mechanisms on the Length of the Supply Chain

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mba capstone project writing service

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