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What Is a High School Capstone Project?

Capstone projects are being used more often throughout the educational system, not only in colleges and universities, but in high schools as well. High school capstone projects are a means of assessing what a student has learned in school, and also serve as a transition from strictly subject centered learning to real life experience. While programs may vary in different school districts, the high school capstone project will usually consist of the following:

  • The Proposal – This includes the topic selected, why the student selected it, what they will research and what it will involve, and what they plan to produce. High school capstone project ideas are usually guided by the teacher supervising the capstone projects.
  • The Paper – The paper is around 10 pages will be researched and written based on the topic chosen.
  • The Project – Depending on the school many capstone projects are based on either community service or career exploration, and will involve either doing community service or speaking to professionals in their field of interest.
  • The Presentation – An oral presentation where the student describes their research and demonstrates their project
  • The Portfolio – Provides a visual demonstration of lessons learned

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High School Capstone Project Paper Requirements

The requirements for capstone high school project papers will vary. Basic requirement will be similar to those shown here. Papers should:

  • Have a cover page that includes the project title, students name, teachers name and date
  • Be approximately 10 pages in length
  • Use proper MLA format
  • Use MLA in-text citations and have a works cited page
  • Contain at least 8 sources evaluated for credibility and accuracy

Papers should be logical, well organized and written in a clear and concise style. The most common problems encountered by students tend to be with the structure of the paper. For many, it is their first introduction to the MLA format. Other problems are with the proper use of source quotations and paraphrasing. If you are having difficulty with your high school capstone project paper, our company provides a service that can help.

How to Come up with an Idea for the Capstone Project

There are many high school capstone project ideas that you can use for your own project. But coming up with a good one can be difficult.

A useful tip is to brainstorm some random thoughts. Write down different topics, and research questions as this will help you see more clearly all your options.
You can also do some general investigation to see what references will you be able to include. Gather all the info you have found and try to come up with a scope for your project that uses that references.

If with these two tips you are not able to think of a good idea for your project, google some topics related to the subject you are writing about. However, make sure you do not use anyone else’s work. Use the results to find some inspiration.

We can also help you to come up with the list of capstone project ideas for information technology.

Dos and Don’ts in High School Capstone Project Writing

There are a few dos and don’ts that you need to know in advance before writing your capstone high school project.

  • By all means, do not write more pages that the ones you are required to write. You need to be able to summarize and critically evaluate your findings.
  • Also, do not use slang or clichés. Stick to plain language and make sure you link coherently each sentence.
  • On the other hand, do cite all the references you have includes as this will help you prevent plagiarism.
  • And, do use the format you are required to include.
  • Also, do look for help if you think your capstone project can be improved.
Your high school capstone project will be a reflection of the skills you have learned through your academic life. Thus, submitting a professionally-written one is very important. A capstone project written by a professional writer can help you get the grade you want. It will be well-written, relevant, and coherent.

A professional writer can help you take your capstone project to the next level. They will follow your requirements carefully and make sure the deliver an original project. A professionally-written capstone project can put into words all the knowledge you have acquired.

Why Do You Need an Expert Help Writing Your Capstone Project?

High school capstone projects can be time-consuming. And on top of that, you will be flooded with other final assignments. But an expert writer can help you with your capstone project while making sure you get the mark you want.

You may also need the help of an expert writer if you are having a hard time expressing your ideas coherently. A professional writer will be able to put your thoughts into paper so that you identify with your capstone project. Getting extra help to write your capstone project can help you ensure you meet your other deadlines while handing in your capstone project on time.

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Get Help Writing Your High School Capstone Project Paper

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