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What Are Graphic Design Capstone Projects?

Graphic design capstone projects are a way to assess what a student has learned and provide students with the opportunity to display the skills and knowledge they have gained. The actual project doesn’t have to be about graphic design. It can be on almost any topic, but in creating your project you must display the skills that you have learned by using them to convey your project’s message. For example, a student’s project may concern global warning. They would use their graphic design skills to convey the message they want to send about global warning.

A graphic design capstone will be graded on:

  • Concept – Was the idea used to visual convey the message original? Does it engage the audience?
  • Scope – How difficult was the project?
  • Design – How well was the concept executed

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Common Mistakes in Graphic Design Capstone Projects

One area where graphic design students often have problems is with capstone design project papers. Of course, the visual project carries more weight but the paper is still important to the project’s success. In order to create a good visual presentation, you must understand the topic/subject your project is about in order to know what message to send. Then you can develop a concept to convey that message to the audience. You should also be able to explain why you used the techniques and concept that you did. Quite often the best visual projects are those done by student with the best papers, as they understand the subject well, and can explain the logic behind the concept they created. Some of the most common problems with graphic design capstone papers include:

  • Poorly researched – Not taking the time to perform in-depth research and find good sources
  • Not following format – Either the correct format wasn’t used or the student uses elements of more than one format
  • Failure to proofread – Papers that contain many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors indicate poor attention to details, something that is important to graphic design artists.

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A professionally-written capstone project is more important that you may think. If you read online graphic design capstone projects samples you will see that they all follow the same format and link coherently each sentence. But how did they do it? Chance are they were written by a professional writer.

A capstone project written by a professional writer will definitely stand out from the others. It will show an impeccable structure that can help the reader to easily understand the paper. Thus, submitting a professionally-written capstone project can help you get the results you want.

Main Requirements for Writing Graphic Design Capstone Project

If you want to turn in a strong capstone design project, you will need to familiarize yourself with the main requirements. Having an outline is one of them. The outline can help you organize the information and place on the right section the images or extra figures you want to include in your paper.

The outline should include a section for the abstract, the table of contents where you will inform the reader where will they be able to the images you are talking about, the introduction, a list of references, and, of course, the main body where you explain the results you got.

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How to Choose an Idea for the Graphic Design Capstone?

Since graphic design is a creative subject, you may be struggling to come up with an idea for your graphic design capstone project. But do not worry, a good brainstorm session can help you. To make the most of it, you will need to do a quick research before.

Go through different books, magazines, and journals and try to spot an interesting fact that calls your attention. Then, think of different ideas that may help you describe it.

Write down even the most incoherent ones as this may lead to a good idea. Pick three or four and see which one do you like the most. And voilà! You have found the perfect idea for your capstone project.

Writing a Winning Graphic Design Capstone

Follow these main guidelines to ensure you write a winning capstone project. Remember to keep them at hand in case you need to refer to them while writing your project:

  • Define your scope before starting to write your capstone project
  • Only use relevant sources to support your arguments
  • Include images and tables to help the reader understand what you are talking about
  • Mention any limitations that you had while researching
  • Use plain language and make it interesting so that you catch the reader’s attention

To help you ensure you deliver a winning capstone project, here is an additional piece of expert advice:

When defining the scope for your paper, try to make it interesting and relevant. If you use a current topic and give it your own personal touch, you will have more chances to get a good grade.

It is also important that you support your arguments with references from past investigations that may have been carried out in the past few years. As a golden rule, only use the ones that were published from one to five years from the date you have to write your project. This will ensure that your investigation includes the latest trends.

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