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How to Write the Data Science Capstone Paper

Data science is a relatively new field that deals with the storage, management and analysis of vast amounts of data. The capstone project data science students do, demonstrates their ability to use what they have been taught and apply it in real life situations. Part of the capstone project will entail writing a paper. But capstone paper writing will be easier if you know the proper format. The structure of the data science paper is the same as that used for most capstone papers and will have the following sections:

  1. Introduction – The introduction should:
  1. Describe the issue the project will address and why its important.
  2. Describe briefly what the project will do.
  3. Provide the projects intended objectives
  1. Methodology – Step by step description of how the project works and the methods and tools used.
  2. Results – The outcome of the project
  3. Analysis and suggestions – Discussion of what the results mean to the project. Were objectives met? Was the project successful?

The structure has a logical progression that follows the progress of the project from conception to completion. Some projects may need a section for literature review between the introduction and methodology sections.

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Difficulties Encountered When Writing the Data Science Capstone Paper

There are some aspects of writing the date science capstone project where students are prone to make mistakes. Some of the mistakes that occur most often include:

  • Format problems – A paper is often required to be in a specific format such as MLA or APA. The format used dictates things like margin width, font size, and type, how the title page should be set up among other things
  • Use of acronyms and technical jargon – People not in the field may not understand acronyms and terms you use without thinking. Provide explanations of what they stand for if they must be used.
  • Not proofreading – Proofread the paper and if possible have somebody else proofread it as well.

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Knowing These Strategies for Writing a Data Science Capstone Project Will Help You

These are the main strategies for writing a data science capstone project. Check them out:

  • Your capstone project should include your findings as well as the limitations you had with your research
  • Do not forget to include all the relevant sources you have used to avoid plagiarism
  • Organize yourself so that you can have plenty of time to conduct your research and write your project
  • Remember to revise your essay once you have finished writing it to ensure there are no mistakes
  • Read some samples online so that you can get an idea of the language and format you should use
As a piece of additional expert advice for writing your capstone project data science, we must say that you need to leave time to proofread and edit your project. These last steps can make sure that all your hard work is recompensated. If you do not revise your paper, you may turn in an essay full of typos and poorly-written sentences. That’s why it is important to dedicate time to do a language check.

How to Come up with an Idea for the Data Science Capstone Project

Coming up with an idea for your data science capstone project does not have to be tedious. The best way to do it is by having a brainstorming session. But first, do quick research on the topic you want to write your data science project. This will help you get an idea of the information available out there.

Once you have it, start by writing down some random thoughts – even if you think they are not worthy. Put them all together and pick two or three, the ones that resonate with you. Then, see if you could develop those ideas. Choose the one that will give you more room to experiment and write.

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