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college capstone projectWhat is a capstone project? In college a capstone project provides an opportunity for students to use what they have learned in school and apply it to a real-world problem. A capstone project may be required for a particular class or subject, or in many cases is the culmination of a whole degree program. It is also a way for instructors to assess what a student has learned. Although it varies between schools, the college capstone project will consist of a project designed by the student to deal with a problem and a paper that is essentially a written record of the entire project. A typical capstone college paper will use the following structure:

  • Introduction – This section identifies the problem, some background information, why it is important and your solution (project)
  • Literature review – A review of literature you have researched relevant to your project
  • Methodology – A description of how you did your project and the methods and tools that you used
  • Results – This is the outcome of the project
  • Conclusion – An analysis and discussion of the results. Did your project achieve its purpose? Were the results as expected?

This basic structure is used for most capstone papers regardless of field or topic.

Problems Encountered When Writing the College Capstone Project Paper

There are a number of problems a student may run into when writing the capstone paper. Some of the most common of those include:

capstone collegeImproper formatting
– There is usually a format that the paper is required to use. MLA and APA are two common formats. They determine most “mechanical” issues with the paper such as font size and type, margin width, how to cite sources and even where to put the page numbers.

what is a capstone project in collegeOverly wordy papers – Some students believe long complicated sentences and big words will impress and result in a better grade. They are mistaken. Clear, concise writing that is easy to understand works better.

capstone college projectFailure to proofread – Spelling mistakes and grammatical error don’t reflect well on your project.

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