The List of 75 Best Capstone Topics

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Congratulations for making it this far in your curriculum. If you are looking for a great capstone project to research on, that means you are on the final lap of your academic degree. We bet it’s been tough getting here! However, you now have one of the most challenging feats ahead of you. Before we get into the list of the most comprehensive capstone topics, we would like to first solidify your background on what a capstone project is!

The capstone experience is considered the most important part of any student’s curriculum. The reason for this is because it justifies all that your professors have ever taught you in the classroom environment! So it goes without saying that with capstone paper topics, your university or college is able to tell whether they have manufactured a worthy graduate or not!

Now, the process involves identifying a real-life problem, and developing credible solutions to solve it. Isn’t that the whole point of education? To develop an analytical mind for the subsequent benefit of the human race?

Capstone projects can either be research or design-oriented depending on the field your major is situated in. As a rule of thumb for capstone projects, the end product SHOULD ALWAYS be something usable and implementable in the real-life environment.

What Are the Requirements for Successful Capstone Topics?

In order to come up with a great capstone project title, there are a number of requirements you have to make sure the topic meets:

  • It defines the information problem and/or the opportunity: just by looking at the title; one should be able to tell what the content will be all about. In fact, if your professor is able to formulate rough ideas on his or her own about the end project results even before reaching the conclusion, the better! That means you have a credible flow of thought and that your end solutions are feasible. You definitely hit the nail on the head!
  • Determines the techniques to be used: imagine looking at your project title and you already have a problem figuring out what techniques you will use to solve the information problem! Well, that’s a bad topic. A great topic will immediately conceptualize one or two solutions in your mind even before you begin conducting a research!
  • Synthesizes a wide variety of aspect of the problem or opportunity: does your capstone project integrate a large population of people? Does it revolutionize a certain part of our lifestyles such as technology, health, or transport? If so, then it is perfect! Remember, the whole point of a capstone project is to create an opportunity or solve a problem.
  • Creates a positive mark or influence in your community: this is self-explanatory. Your surrounding environment should feel a positive impact on your capstone project.
  • Should be something that you are passionate about: your topic title should be something that you are excited about! Something that you can call ‘your baby’ in the future and if possible, even obtain a patent for it!

The 75 Best Capstone Topics worth Checking Out

So now that you’ve known what to look out for when sifting through topics for capstone project, you can have a look at our compilation of credible capstone titles.

Nursing capstone titles

  1. Pain management improvement practices for nurses in the post-anesthesia care unit
  2. Effective education and asthma care in nursing homes
  3. Prevention, treatment, and management of Type II diabetes in America
  4. Effective program to treat obesity among children
  5. Student program for asthma education
  6. Prevention of Lyme disease among children
  7. Improved discharge education and planning among nursing students
  8. How to prevent dysfunctional behaviors in dementia patients
  9. How to prevent rehabilitation readmissions for stroke patients
  10. Effective probiotic use to prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics
  11. Promoting and improving infant health via postpartum breastfeeding support
  12. The screening and study of sleep apnea among patients with heart failure
  13. Improving and promoting the knowledge of HPV and its vaccine among patients
  14. Increase ease of access to medical care among pregnant women in rural areas
  15. A study on sexually transmitted diseases among college women as a lack of behavioral intervention

Technology capstone projects

  1. Network, data and computer security as the biggest challenges facing our industry
  2. How to control and automate satellite earth station equipment
  3. How to come up with an effective strategy to assess IT functions
  4. Emergency recovery plan and implementation
  5. Detailed guide on RIFD security
  6. Inventory management design for small-scale businesses
  7. Comprehensive guide for online vehicle rental systems
  8. Web-based training implementation for healthcare systems
  9. How mobile applications improve the learning environment for students
  10. How artificial intelligence systems can help businesses make wise business decisions
  11. Computer recognition on different types of animal breeds
  12. How to create affordable intranet technology with extensive technical support
  13. Creating a conducive workflow management system for the army corps
  14. Web monitoring improvements for lightweight devices
  15. Improvement of network navigation system security

Engineering capstone project topics

  1. Effective review of construction projects
  2. Improved development of management systems for selecting equipment and methodologies for excavation irrigation.
  3. Scheduling the control and managing construction in the oil sector
  4. Standard weights evaluation systems for effective work progress
  5. On-site construction management and control
  6. Utilizing computer interactive model for improved project management and evaluation.
  7. Reconstruction projects cost enhancement
  8. An interactive computer system to evaluate construction management performance
  9. The development of effective management systems during construction progress
  10. Cost evaluation guide design for industrial buildings
  11. How project management affects quality control
  12. Designing a management system that effectively regulates on-site construction material usage
  13. Implementation of CPM to control and avoid time delays for engineering projects.
  14. Application of engineering management systems for quality control through ISO-9000 guidelines
  15. Value management implementation for designing works relating to cost

Computer science capstone ideas

  1. Mobile website design to target residential life
  2. Development of a math placement test
  3. Image detection of bacteria and classification from an image
  4. Design and implementation of convex zipper folding
  5. The utilization of neural networks for stock prediction
  6. Designing an effective e-commerce website for a construction company and a building supply
  7. Online survey system design
  8. Using Open Source WordNet to design visualization
  9. Battlefield strategy game development using a given software
  10. Analysis of algorithms using game theory
  11. Creating an estate valuation modeling system
  12. Automated report aid design
  13. Smartphone interface utilization for e-medical record and management
  14. Finance manager software development for a business
  15. Creating a computer-based bank verification number system

Business capstone topics

  1. Business continuity and crisis management
  2. The role of supplier relationship management in business
  3. Property market management system development
  4. Supply chain management review in the construction industry
  5. Social enterprise and non-profit review
  6. Enterprise risk management study and its role in sustainable growth
  7. Empowerment of women in microfinance
  8. Risk assessment and decision-making system design in the business sector
  9. Share price study on interest rates
  10. Bank profitability analysis; local and international bank analysis
  11. Free cash flow effects on a firm’s profitability
  12. Total quality management system design in business
  13. Hotel industry’s business practices study and strategic analysis
  14. Service management of a given country in the restaurant sector
  15. Design and implementation of an effective franchise system

Tips on Writing Unique and Informative Content for Your Capstone Topic

Now that you have great capstone project topics to choose from, what’s the next step? Coming up with a writing capstone project paper strategy that is effective of course!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Manage your time: time management is critical when writing an effective capstone project. You should develop a great time schedule to allocate time for research, writing, and revision.
  • Conduct an effective study on your topic: ideally, you would like to obtain as much information as possible, but at the same time ensuring that it is relevant to the study. Ensure to check out both primary and secondary sources if possible
  • Communicate with your coordinator regularly: communication is key to ensuring that the project is a success. That being said, you should regularly communicate with your coordinator for effective guidance during your graduate project proposal and writing.
  • Prepare and practice your oral presentation: in order to gain confidence facing the panel, you can do some oral presentations in front of the mirror every morning! Besides, it’s also a form of memorization in case things go south and you forget a couple of important points!

And on that note, we believe that you are set for your capstone project! We also offer a number of essential services to help you achieve success in every aspect of your capstone project. This includes the expert services of a final paper writer and guidance on effective formatting techniques such as MLA and APA.

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