How to Format a Final Project in 3 Steps

When it comes to adopting the appropriate capstone project format capstone writing, you could run into a few problems. There are several types of formatting possible for capstone writing, and some of them are a little difficult to get to grips with. Consider the exact formatting style encouraged or even required by your faculty and make sure you know exactly how to format your final project.

Getting to Grips with Capstone Project Documentation Format

The whole point of following a specific capstone project documentation format is to display all of your sources and secondary data in a means that is standardized and thus easy to follow. If your reader wants to check any given citation, it should be simple enough for them to understand exactly where to find a copy of the information to which you have referred in your main body of text.

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It sometimes feels like citation writing is something of a strategic challenge and you’d be well-advised to follow the writing recommendations below when you’re learning how to format your capstone project references.

✔ The first step in the process is to collate all of your sources in a single list. Each source should include a full range of information regarding its location. In particular, you need to focus on the journal in which it was published and when this took place. Without this information alongside the article title, it could be impossible for your reader to track down your capstone project references.

✔ The next stage in the process is to apply your chosen referencing style to the information you’ve put together. Some formatting styles are more detailed than others, and that’s the main reason why you need to make sure that you have gathered as much specific information about each published article as possible. Ensure that you follow the same formatting style throughout; some of them are similar and it’s easy to make a mistake if you’re inattentive.

✔ The final step in the referencing process is to ensure that you’ve adhered to all of the stylistic specifics. For example, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve typed the right parts in bold or italic. Otherwise, your bibliography won’t look quite as it should, even if all the constituent parts are in the correct order.

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The Main Formatting Styles Used

The exact formatting style used depends on a number of factors. Typically, it’s either a convention followed by your chosen academic field as a whole, such as the APA format, or it’s an approach that your university itself has developed or chosen, such as the Harvard format. Rules within each format differ depending on whether the source is a book, journal article, website or something else entirely. Make sure you know exactly how to format your citations.

The APA Format

If you’re doing a psychology-related capstone project APA format is going to be the one for you. This makes sense given that it refers to the American Psychological Association. Generally speaking, when you cite sources for your capstone project APA format is in the following order.

capstone project apa format requirements
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Author’s Surname

Author’s First Initials

Year of Publication

Article Title

Journal Name

Volume Number

Page Range

The Harvard Format

When it comes to a university-level capstone project Harvard formatting is going to be used in the vast majority of cases where the APA format has been eschewed. The typical outline you should follow if you want to add a bibliography to your capstone project Harvard style is as below.

Author’s Surnamechicago and harvard referencing

Author’s First Initials

Year of Publication

Article Title

Journal Name

Volume (Issue)

Page Range

capstone project harvard style referencing
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Other Styles

There are several other styles of formatting that are sufficiently common in academia to deserve mention here. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the styles below, you can hire an expert editor to help you make sense of anything that concerns you. Other styles include the following.




If you’re having trouble with ascertaining how to type up your capstone project format, consider talking to an expert academic professional. We offer a range of services to make sure that your capstone project is absolutely perfect before you submit it for review by your professors. Take a look at all the options available to you before handing over your project for grading.

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Your capstone project format is an important part of the project as a whole. Speak to a professional editor to make sure that your text looks just right.

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