Capstone Design Project Ideas

capstone design projectThe final year in college or university means completing the most challenging project students will ever face which is the capstone project. This paper will be the culmination of their entire course, showing what they have learned throughout the years they have studied, and how they used this knowledge in providing solutions, in-depth analysis, as well as unique perspective to an already existing problem.

However, when it comes to the capstone design project, many students are stumped. What topic should they tackle that will exhibit their knowledge of the program?

Capstone Design Project – Ideas to Consider

It is quite unnerving to find that your mind isn’t giving you ideas on what to use for your capstone project. Doubly frustrating is the fact that you are expected to deliver the best paper that you can manage within the deadline. The problem is not finding a topic but choosing the best idea out of the thousands that are found online. Here are some examples of capstone design ideas to consider:

  • Analyzing Depression in Children
  • Developing Diet Analyzer for Specific Fitness Goal
  • Automated Booking System for Cancelled Flights
  • Robotic Household Assistant
  • Feminism: Why It Matters
  • Rapid Data Analysis of Surveys
  • Automated Vehicles
  • Depression In Children Comparative Analysis
  • Fitness Goal For Development Of Diet Analyzer
  • Robotic Household Assistant
  • Automatic Booking System For Flights That Are Cancelled
  • Why Feminism Matters
  • Automated Vehicles
  • Analysis On Rapid Data Survey
  • Lessons Learned In Designing
  • Favorite Design Blogs
  • Design Process
  • Sites For Inspirations And Best Designs
  • Designing Project Management
  • Charge Of Designers For Each Project
  • World Of Designing: Current News
  • Design Logo Tutorials
  • Mobile Web Designing
  • Errors In Web And Graphic Design
  • Organizing Your Work Space
  • Analysis On Women Behavior
  • Fluid Mixing Management
  • Cost Effective Dialysis
  • Fitness Respiration Monitor
  • Access Automatic System
  • Cognitive Radio Communications
  • Green Water
  • Mobile Video Identification
  • Sources Of Graphic Designs
  • Automatic Switch On For Cellphones
  • Designing Vehicles With Automatic Starter
  • Developing Light Detector Control
  • Automatic Cancellation Of Flights System
  • Controlling Calls On Cellphone
  • Designing Websites For Business
  • Management And Prevention Of Type 11 Diabetes
  • Strategic Planning Approach In Creating Robotic Assistant
  • Visitation Models Review
  • Strategies In Designing A Website
  • Having An Engaging Blog Site: Overview
  • Organizing Your Schedule
  • Specific Goals In Developing A Website


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These are just a few ideas that are worth looking into if you are looking for samples of capstone projects to tackle. Experts recommend that you stick with a topic that you have knowledge about so that it will be easier to map out an outline on how you’re going to approach your project to be able to submit your work on time.

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