Best Engineering Project Ideas

Engineering Projects: An Interesting Overview

Writing engineering projects is one of the troublesome tasks that require a lot of focus in many regards. First of all, the selection of topic and then begin working on the project by adding all the major elements. The engineering projects are among those tasks that require at least three to four months to be completed in an appropriate manner. From the research to the testing and use of tools, your engineering capstone project can be easily rejected in case of finding minor errors. Therefore, try to rely on the unique title by choosing from best engineering project ideas.

Quick Tricks to Make the Engineering Project Writing Simple

It is commonly said that engineering projects in universities are enough to give you toughest time for getting the degree. This can be simple if you rely on some DIY tricks. First of all, the clarity of topic (that you’ve chosen). For making the project valuable, enlist all the important points you’re required to discuss in it. Then, start searching each point separately. Gather the information about each element and study it properly. The in-depth study is helpful to defend the results and develop justified a report.

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What do Professional Engineering Project Writers Say?

The professional engineering project authors recommend plenty of suggestion to the to-be-graduated students for developing excellent final year projects. According to them, it is only possible to generate error-free engineering report if you collect the relevant information. Secondly, the process of choosing topic must be from the valuable sources. For instance, you need to prefer the internet, published research papers and books to make it all simple.

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Engineering Capstone Project Ideas

  • Raspberry PI based underwater vehicle for monitoring aquatic ecosystem
  • Intelligent driver assistance system for automotive.
  • Intelligent PID controller based on Raspberry PI
  • Interactive Data acquisition and control system (IDACS) for industrial Application using TCP/IP
  • Design of a Stair Climbing Robot
  • FINGER-Print based bank locker system using Microcontroller
  • Microcontroller based wireless automatic antenna positioning system
  • Microcontroller based power inverter
  • Smart surveillance monitoring system using Raspberry PI and PIR sensor
  • IVR System for three-phase motor protection alter and control system using GSM
  • Automated unified system for LPG
  • Micro-controller based virtual eye for the blind
  • Low-cost anesthesia injector based on ARM processor
  • Library management system using RFID
  • Car parking system using RFID and GSM technology
  • Intelligent helmet for coal miners with voiceover ZigBee
  • E-tracking system for municipal solid waste management
  • Intelligent rain sensing using automatic wiper system
  • Autonomous color detection mobile robot using vision system
  • Micro-controller based power control system from microwave dying
  • Cyber Aquaculture monitoring system
  • Petrol bunk automation with prepaid cards and GSM Communication
  • Implementation and design of microcontroller based security door system
  • Wireless patient body monitoring system
  • Cable inspection robot using microcontroller and GPS tracker
  • Mobile robot using ARM processor
  • Design and implementation of a low-cost propeller
  • Arm 7 based smart ATM and security system
  • Automated Intelligent Traffic control system
  • Helmet for road hazard warning with wireless bike authentication
  • Four-legged walking robot control using GSM
  • Smart phase changeover system using microcontroller
  • RFID based bus ticketing system
  • Fire Sensing and extinguishing robot
  • War field spying robot with night vision wireless camera
  • Coal mine monitoring using ARM7 and ZigBee
  • Electronic voting system using ARM microcontroller
  • Wireless technology for LED dimming using smartphone
  • Passenger bus alert system for easy navigation of blind people
  • Battery powered heating and cooling suit with location spotter
  • Wireless embedded robot ARM for object sorting
  • Zigbee based e-menu ordering system
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle for video surveillance
  • Real-Time vehicle locking and tracking system
  • Coin-based universal mobile battery charger
  • Programmable load shedding and sharing using GSM Technology
  • Android-based pick and place robot
  • Implementation of dual access solar tracker model using microcontroller
  • Smart trolley in mega malls
  • Implementation and design of microcontroller based propeller clock

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