7 Super Impressive Inventions by Engineering Students

There are awesome engineering  inventions made by students that make the lives of modern men easier and more convenient.

In the following, learn more about capstones and inventions for an inspiration for yourself. Find also information about our capstone project writing service.

capstones and inventions

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Best Inventions and Discoveries by Engineering Students

  • TrueHb Hemometer: Heamoglobin tests are complicated. The difficulty has come to an end though. This invention was created by Ambar Srivastava. He is a student of the Delhi University. The purpose of it is to test the individuals for anemia.
  • Portable house for construction workers: It was invented by Nihar Kotak, Deep Karpe and Sumit Deshmukh. They are student of IIT Gandhinagar and the purpose of the invention is to provide a comfortable and portable home for construction workers. Also, it is a good help in army cantonment areas and disaster relief camps. The invention is a foldable structure that is made of steel rods that can be dismantled easily.
  • Dual pin stapler: It was invented by Spandas Das, Saurabh Garg and Suyash Patkar. The purpose of it is to have an easier task for people not to use two separate pin-size staplers. It was also created in a way that dispenses small and large pins for user requirement.
  • Google News: It was invented by Krishna Bharant, and its purpose is to keep him updated about the developments of the September 11 attacks. As of now, it is trending hub news just like others. It is also one of the popular and best features of Google services.
  • Smart Cane: It was invented by Rohan Paul. It helps users in detecting any obstacles above the knee, and it is a great invention for blind people.
  • Advanced Breathalyzer Helmet: It guides the users each time they plan to ride, whenever they are drunk or under influence of alcohol. It was invented by Rishabh Babeley, Shubham Jaiswal and Naman Singhal.
  • Re-writeable t-shirts: The purpose of it is to reach out people who like wacky ideas and other creative things. It was created by Mirik Gogri and Ayush Jain.

There you have the capstones and inventions made by engineering students that make lives easier.

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